A well planned pantry is a must for the plant based cook. Here are a few of my favorite items to have on hand.



Organic Raw cashews - used in making both sweet and savory cashew creams.

Organic Raw almonds - making your own almond milk is easy and rewarding!

Ezekiel or other organic whole grain tortillas.

Organic Canned beans - make sure the products you buy do not contain BPA's.

Organic Dry beans - Garbanzos are on the top of this list. Black, pinto, cannellini, kidney are not far behind.

Nori sheets - Nori is the seaweed paper that your sushi is wrapped in, it is an excellent way to boost salty flavor, and add nutrition to pretty much whatever savory dishes you cook!

Onions, carrots and celery. In French this delicious combination is called "mirepoix", in Italy it's called "sofrito." But whatever you call it, it's the humble beginnings to most soups, stocks, sauces, and all sorts of dishes. This trio of complex flavors can also become a hearty meal, served on toast or wrapped in a tortilla. Whole grain and vegan of course!

Quinoa, brown rice, farro, and other grains. I try to always have cooked grains in the fridge ready to throw into a stir fry, a wrap or whatever meal you're dishing up.

Having fresh herbs like basil, cilantro, thyme, and rosemary is just the thing to make your dishes taste fresh, with loads of flavors. I especially like to have basil and cilantro handy, to whip up a quick weeknight pesto for dinner.

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